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A Rising

Setting the scene:

Helping bring about this change is an investment of over $650 million from the NSW Government to kick-start the historic CBD. The old railway having been removed, “town” – as the locals call the city centre – is now totally integrated with its harbour, with a transport interchange between the heavy and light rail at Wickham, just two kilometres west.

Visitors coming from further afield can fly into Newcastle Airport, which has international capabilities and sees over 1 million passengers per year pass through the terminal.

Obviously being on the coast, ships service the region too, with cruise ships of up to 3,900 passengers  able to berth in the harbour.

Michael Cassel Hunter Development Corporation

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Michael Cassel.
~ Hunter & Central Coast Regional Development Corporation, former CEO:

As the person who was tasked with kicking off the Revitalising Newcastle project, Michael Cassel believes people who haven’t visited the city recently are in for a shock.

“Those that have an image of Newcastle would have a view of an old steel town, and I think what they’ll see will blow them away,” Michael says.

“A really dynamic city is starting to mature and people will recognise the great urban amenity and lifestyle opportunities here.”

As far as East End fits in to the broader picture, Michael says the development is “a critical component”:

“Cities are about people. Not people just coming in to go to work and then going home. Cities are about people actually living in the city centre.”

“All of the foundation blocks are starting to tie together for us to take another really big leap forward.”

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Nuatali Nelmes Newcastle Lord Mayor

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Nuatali Nelmes
~ Newcastle Lord Mayor:

Councillor Nelmes says in a globally connected world, Newcastle can offer something no other city can: “Our unique offering is the lifestyle. It’s that lifestyle of being able to be five minutes from anywhere, world-class surfing beaches, great working harbour and access to education. It is the lifestyle we offer in the age of communication where people can choose to live anywhere they want to in the world, but why wouldn’t you choose Newcastle? Great climate, great access, our airport gets you to Sydney in half an hour, gets you to Brisbane or Melbourne in an hour.”

“Everyone has a role to play, and if we are all on the same path for the future, I think the sky is the limit for our city. I’m a huge optimist at the best of times, but I am very, very excited about our future.”

East End Newcastle
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East End Newcastle Location Lifestyle
East End Newcastle Location Lifestyle Sunset
East End Newcastle Location Lifestyle Cafe
East End Newcastle Location Lifestyle Rascal

New life in the old city centre:

to surf.

The city of Newcastle lies some 150 kilometres north of Sydney – under two hours’ drive on the M1 – on the coast, east of the Hunter Valley. East End is right in the centre of the city, within a stone’s throw of the harbour that has seen the city become such an integral part of the NSW economy.

The jewel of a $650 million project to revitalise the former CBD.

Unparalleled natural beauty,
unrivalled city convenience:

The sun,
the sand,
the city

East End takes advantage of being surrounded by water, while enjoying total ease of access.

With a brand new light rail system servicing the area from 2019, the city is regaining its status as a dynamic retail destination, further strengthening the long-established economic advantage provided by the Port of Newcastle.

While all roads may have once led to Rome, in Newcastle they end up at the beach. Or, if you don’t feel like driving, just take a short stroll along the harbour foreshore and onto Shortland Esplanade – you’ll pass Horseshoe, Nobbys and Newcastle beaches, as well as surfing hotspot the Cowrie Hole, and the landmark Ocean Baths.

East End Newcastle Location Shower
East End Newcastle Location Pool
East End Newcastle Location Surfer
East End Newcastle Location Beach Sand
East End Newcastle Location Walker
Historic Hunter St Newcastle
Hunter Street


Obviously it’s no secret that the region’s rich coal seams helped shape the city’s fortunes, largely providing the wealth that built both the cute miner’s cottages and heritage-listed gems which still line the streets today. And long at the heart of life in Newcastle was Hunter Street.

A steel city reinvented:

The region’s commercial and cultural epicentre had an established reputation as the best place to shop, and hummed after dusk thanks to a lively entertainment precinct.

An economic downturn in the 1990s saw this once thriving thoroughfare suffer a bit of a slump, but Hunter Street wasn’t down for long. Marcus Westbury’s ‘Renew’ campaign, which began in Newcastle, helped to bring back new kinds of businesses seeing the street reinvent itself as the birthplace of the city’s latest cultural revolution.

Now, with East End, Hunter Street is ready to once again take pride of place in an already-proud city.

Historic Hunter St Newcastle Parade
Hunter Street

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Helen Cummings.
~ Daughter of Australia’s first female Lord Mayor:

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Helen Cummings is Newcastle royalty, being the daughter of the city and Australia’s first female Lord Mayor, Joy Cummings, and mother of Hollywood star Sarah Wynter.

But while Helen once described herself as “the mother of a famous daughter and the daughter of a famous mother”, she has more than made her own mark, as an author, domestic violence advocate and 2014 Newcastle Woman of the Year.

One of Newcastle’s proudest citizens, Helen is excited about the city’s future, but has fond memories of Hunter Street from its golden years.

“One of my favourite walks is up around the baths, because the whales come in really quite close to Newcastle Baths, and you can get some amazing shots. For some reason they love it there, whether there are a lot of fish or not, I don’t know, but you can see them breaching and putting on a real show.”

As for what her famous mum would make of the city, Helen believes Joy would be “proud”.

“The business side of Newcastle had a lot of respect for Mum, because she wasn’t anti-development, she wasn’t anti-progress, but she also loved the history and loved the preservation of things, and I think we’ve got that balance.”

Jay Cummings East End


We invite you to take this unique chance to bring your own story to our urban village, and help shape Newcastle’s narrative for tomorrow.

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