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The overall vision for East End:

A vibrant

Visually, East End’s exterior takes heavy cues from the existing heritage architecture, while the interiors make full use of the area’s coastal beauty, with high windows maximising both natural light and the striking views.

Residents will live a best-of-both-worlds existence, with sandy shores and rolling waves a leisurely stroll away, while the city’s totally integrated light rail ensures that this peninsula is a snap to get in and out of for those who work further afield.

Of course, with brand new retail and commercial spaces peppering the street, plenty of those who call East End home will be able to enjoy the working week from within their own neighbourhood.

And though the smell of sea salt blows in on the breeze, it may be tough to get a whiff of it during the day, with the mouth-watering aroma of roasted coffee beans, sauteed garlic and baked bread wafting up from the cafes and restaurants lining the streets.

Throw in a host of boutique night-time venues, and evenings will be a cultural and culinary delight.

A highly diverse Master Plan:

A totally unique
geographic position.

Stage 1

Comprising of 3 residential buildings, stage 1 will be an urban village of contemporary apartments, quirky laneways and bustling retail.

Stage Two

East End is a unique proposition, combining the charm of a coastal village with the convenience and vibrancy of inner-city living.

Stages Three
& Four

Future stages represent a master plan that will completely transform Newcastle from Perkins to Newcomen Streets, across 4 distinct stages to be completed over several years.

Now selling:

Stage Two.

1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments combining a rich coastal heritage with the best of contemporary design.

Reimagining Newcastle’s enduring appeal, East End sings the city’s natural harmonies; the old and the new, the coastline and the city. These modern, light-filled apartments bring new life to city landmarks, while the laneways below cater to your every need, placing you at the centre of a fabulous selection of dining and retail options. It’s an opportunity to walk to work, the café or the beach, in buildings that embrace original features and translate them for a contemporary lifestyle.

Fabric of time and place:

East End represents a master plan that will completely transform Newcastle from Perkins to Newcomen Streets across 4 distinct stages to be completed over several years.

Master planned to embrace and enhance Newcastle’s character, having appointed a panel of architects to ensure that – like the city itself – the design is extremely diverse yet completely cohesive.

Durable materials and corner buildings that will be swiftly recognisable as city landmarks are key to the development, with a variety of colouring throughout.

And more than just looking the part, East End is doing it in a completely integrated fashion that ensures the city’s famous viewing corridors and vistas – from the proud Gothic cathedral on the hill to the tugboats on the harbour – are respected and preserved.

~ Design Principles.

a new

Marcus Lewin and Emily Wombwell, of SJB, were very aware that they were creating a project that needed to fit in with the city’s well-established character.

“We make cities. towns and buildings better places to live.” It’s a simple motto but one that has seen SJB take their passion for design across the world.

From humble beginnings in 1976, SJB have grown to work on some of Australia’s largest projects, and even as far afield as Asia and Europe. With an established commitment to quality, SJB create aspirational spaces that both engage and activate.

“In the first stages of setting some design principles for the site as a whole, we were really trying to draw on the existing character of Newcastle, because it has a strong character, being a coastal town centre and quite an old town centre.” Marcus says.

“Being a new building, it was an opportunity to create a new landmark that bookends other key corner sites. We wanted the corner to be celebrated and the building to hold its edge, rather than be watered down and become another wishy-washy apartment building,” Emily says.

East End Precinct Courtyard

A network of creative spaces.


“It will be a bustling and active precinct for a long period of the day – spaces that work from morning to lunchtime to afternoon and through late into the evening – providing opportunities for people doing all sorts of different things.”

Simeon King.
– ASPECT Studio, Studio Director.


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Ultimately, ASPECT Studios want to see the entire site activated – turning it from a nine-to-five CBD district into a thriving neighbourhood and hub of life, for all ages and at all hours.

“Whether it’s working or shopping, living there or visiting, entertaining or dining, we like our spaces that allow as many different functions and activities to happen. It should have lots of uses and be accessible to the very young and the very old and everyone in between.”


We invite you to take this unique chance to bring your own story to our urban village, and help shape Newcastle’s narrative for tomorrow.

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